July 4, 2020  


VNXe3150 NAS and iSCSI Storage System

The EMC® VNXe™ series is a new unified storage solution for SMB and lower mid-market companies and remote/branch offices (ROBO) in enterprise organizations. It is designed for IT generalists with limited storage expertise. The VNXe facilitates complete storage consolidation with advanced file and block functionality as well as a simple, application-driven approach to managing shared storage. The VNXe series delivers advancements in efficiency, simplicity, and affordability.

The VNX series is part of a high-performance family designed for small, midsize to enterprise storage environments.

IBM RamSAN 810 Packs 10TB of SSD into 1U

The IBM RamSan-810 is the first enterprise multi-level cell (eMLC) Flash storage system. eMLC Flash combines the high speed and reliability of single-level cell (SLC) Flash with the low cost of MLC Flash. The system is optimized for use with read-intensive enterprise workloads.

The patented Variable Stripe RAID™ offered by the Series-7 Flash Controller reduces business interruptions and improves mean time between failures (MTBF) by providing a higher level of protection against both Flash plane failures and Flash device failures.

Nexsan e60 High Density Disk Tray

The Nexsan e60 is one of a new breed of high density storage systems. It packs up to 240 TB into an equipment rack drive tray just 7-inches tall (4U). Add another expansion tray, and up to 480 TB of SATA storage can be managed. With this high degree of density, up to (5) fully expanded e60 systems can be fitted into a single rack - for 2.4 PB of raw storage capacity.

Small Business Backup Made Simple

Symantec Backup Exec 2012 is a cost-effective backup & recovery solution designed for small and medium-sized companies and remote office backups. It provides disk-to-disk-to-tape backup and recovery for Windows, Linux, Solaris, Macintosh, and NetWare as well as VMware and Microsoft virtual machines. Backup Exec 2012 storage optimization enhancements include file and e-mail archiving and deduplication.

Vendor-Neutral Storage Courses Offer Breadth and Depth of Knowledge

Technical consulting firm Data Center Enhancements Inc. announces the formation of a new training services group. This new group will focus on delivery of instructor-led training classes for Advanced SAN & NAS Storage, TOGAF, CoBIT, and ITIL. We will present an in-depth explanation of each subject to ensure maximum depth and breadth of understanding. All courses will be designed to assist students in preparation for each topic's comprehensive certification examinations.

Company Qualifications

Professional Services

Data Center Enhancements Inc. is a Professional IT Consulting Firm that specializes in strategic IT planning services and complex storage systems design. We provide analysis, specification, architectural design, implementation and project management for complex and highly sophisticated information storage systems and infrastructure.

Our company is comprised of a group of senior IT Architects, Technical Specialists and Subject Matter Experts joining us from some of the largest Professional Services organizations in the world. our employees have held roles such as Solutions Architect, Enterprise Architect, Lead Project Architect, Senior Project Manager, Technical Group Lead, Lead Infrastructure Architect, and other senior roles on projects for Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. All employees of Data Center Enhancements Inc. have significant backgrounds in the high-end computing industry, and were previously employed by such industry leaders as Unisys, IBM Global Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, and Computer Sciences Corporation.

Product / Service

Data Center Enhancements Inc. provides a variety of IT architectural design and implementation services to the industry. Our hardware and software offering consist of a wide variety of SAN and NAS-related items available for resale through our Channel Partner agreements with key industry manufacturers. These items are provided via our 7x24 Internet shopping cart, and available as direct order products through our sales organization.

We provide a unique combination of advanced technical design skills, large corporation experience, and senior business development savvy. We feel there is a substantial and growing market for a vendor-neutral, highly skilled, impeccably honest consulting firm that can complete complex and sophisticated systems designs that consistently exceed client expectations.

What Makes Us Stand Out From the Rest?

  • Our employees are required to be fully accountable for information they provide, recommendations they make, work they perform, and results produced by their efforts
  • We maintain a staff of Senior IT Architectural specialists with deep knowledge and experience in large project deployment and a proven record of successful completions
  • We  actively recruit Subject Matter Experts and Thought Leaders specifically trained in  emerging technologies and disruptive technological breakthroughs
  • All DCEI Enterprise IT Architects have achieved certified IT Architecture credentials from the leading commercial vendors in their respective fields
  • All DCEI IT Architects are trained on, and utilize a singular, proven methodology set to ensure consistent implementation of advanced IT architectures, industry standards and best practices
  • Each employee must complete at least 120-hours of approved advanced technical training in their particular specialty every year
  • Our consultants come from large company backgrounds, and have previously held senior technical positions at such industry powerhouses as IBM Global Services, Unisys Corp, Computer Sciences Corp, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC, Accenture and others
  • We hire only IT Specialists, Subject Matter Experts, and Thought Leaders with a minimum of 25-years or greater experience in their respective technologies or have demonstrated they are a "rising star" within their field.