July 4, 2020  

Quality Assurance Program Overview

Data Center Enhancements Inc. is determined to set the bar for quality IT services delivery. We strive to build trust and enhance value for our clients by setting high standards for the way we conduct business, and have had formal quality programs since our inception. Our management is committed to taking all actions necessary to uphold the highest standards of quality, independence, and objectivity.

Data Center Enhancements Inc. has established a formal Quality Control program for Seaport-e to track, identify, and optimize the quality of computer service we deliver to the Navy and Marine Corps under the Seaport -e program. Our Q/A program reflects industry leading practices in quality management, and allows us to:

  • Define quality objectives in terms of client expectations
  • Coordinate our Quality Assurance program with other vendor programs
  • Identify and deliver all tasks, activities, and deliverables identified by the customer
  • Use recognized methods, tools, and templates that uphold leading industry practices
  • Accelerate work progress when possible and re-work requirements
  • Employ the most efficient use of time and resources to achieve the desired results

Key elements of our Quality Control Strategy include the following areas:

  • Developing a specific Quality Management Plan for each Task Order
  • Establishing a Quality program baseline
  • Implementing quality assurance processes
  • Maintaining strict control over project metrics
  • Initiating continuous improvement
  • Tracking and reporting quality issues
  • Conducting periodic Quality Management Reviews

All quality assurance processes are structured to meet the needs of each Task Order, and are embedded in our execution plan.  Adherence to Q/A processes and principles are supported by Data Center Enhancements Inc. management at all levels and is considered an integral part of our corporate culture.